Staff Profiles

    • Eugenio Morales

      Eugene joined the Baja Camp Cooks team in 2009. He is our operations manager and oversees all the equipment and logistics for all groups. He loves meeting missioners from other countries and he loves making a difference by helping others achieve their goals while in Mexico. He was born and raised in Mexico City but now truly enjoys living near the Pacific Ocean. He loves the regional food in Baja as well as going to be beach and watching baseball.

    • Sarai Medrano

      Sarai is our head cook and has been with Baja Camp Cooks for over 13 years. She has 4 daughters and 7 grand kids. No one knows and enjoys Sarai’s cooking more than her husband Rogelio. They’ve been married for 42 years and both attend Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada. Sarai fully understands the importance of missionaries coming to Tijuana to make a difference. She loves working for Baja Camp Cooks mainly for the opportunity to serve all missionaries coming from far away to help her hometown. Nothings brings here more pleasure than watching people eat the food she prepares.

    • Lucia Chacón

      Lucy is a mother of five wonderful kids and a great cook just like her mother. She came to us in 2007 and calls Baja Camp Cooks her second home. What she likes best about working here is being able to work with people of different ages with different backgrounds and different customs but all with one goal in common, helping the people we serve.

    • Josue Garcia

      Josue started working in 2013. He missed a couple of summers, but it is always great to see him comeback during the spring season. He is a great young man with many trades. Growing up in ranch like many kids in the neighborhood, Josue has many talents and is fluent in English. He enjoys helping his coworkers as much as helping all missioners. He is very athletic and loves all sports including working out.

    • Laura Garzón

      Laura has been making a big difference for the last 3 seasons in our main kitchen. Coming back to us every season is something she looks forward to. “I wouldn’t work anywhere without a family ambiance as part of the work environment” she says. She loves to see how people get together every year to come to make a difference in her very own neighborhood. See how happy people are in their very last day prior to going back across the border “is a great thing to watch” a unique experience.

    • Jackie Garcia

      Jackie started in 2015. She helps with some of the cooking but likes to work in the front of the house practicing her English with all comers. She is the ultimate team player with a great attitude and friendly smile. She also enjoys the work environment and being available to make a difference right in her own neighborhood.

    • Elizabeth Garzón

      Liz is one of Sarai’s granddaughters and has been with us for 3 seasons. At the age of 6 Liz used to come to watch her grandma work and learned a lot by watching. She has now 3 seasons under her belt and truly enjoys the friendly work environment. Liz sees herself as a hardworking ant making a big difference by being part of the team. She loves to see all comers working and helping those who need help the most. Side note: She is 14 and she started high school this year. She likes soccer and baseball.

    • Daniel Mojica

      Danny is a very energetic youngster who came to us back in 2011. Danny used to live right across the street from Amor’s old camp. Working hard is what he does best. Setting up tents and going grocery shopping is something he enjoys very much. He enjoys being a part of a team. He loves playing soccer and drawing.

    • Margarita Garzón

      Magi started back in 2014 and really embraces “being a part of a great team” she says. She, like many other girls in Mexico, is a good soccer player. There is not much she likes better than helping the people who help her community.

    • Carlos Zertuche

      Carlos has been with us since late 2008. Our former Operation’s Manager and now personal consultant, he holds a culinary degree from the American Culinary Federation. He has been a remarkable source of information to our kitchen staff when accommodating any special dietary needs for all participants. He is an active member of Eastlake Community Church in Chula Vista, CA and has a couple of house builds under his belt. Spending time with his family and riding his bicycle are his favorite pastimes.