Serving the poorest families through life-changing mission trips

When Amor Ministries began in 1980, the poorest families sent their children away to orphanages because they could not provide for them. Rather than being full of children without parents, orphanages cared for kids whose parents loved them so much, that they were sent away to provide for their general needs.

After learning this Amor’s Founders’ decided to change it. So, for the last thirty three years, Amor Ministries’ main purpose was and continues to be to provide adequate housing for needy families in order to keep families together! Amor Ministries does more than just make life easier for a family in need, we open hearts to truly see the grace and love of Jesus by providing security, safety, and stability.

For information on Amor’s mission trip opportunities you can email mission trip services or call Amor directly at (619) 662 -1200.